Trimming Services

Not all tree services and landscaping companies can get you the quality cuts when it comes to doing surgery on your trees.

You need Samzu Trimming Services that has the experience and the knowledge to know exactly where the cuts need to be made and how the process works.

This standard in the tree industry is called ANSI – A300. These standards should be the right protocols for your trees, young or mature to be trimmed. We have several crews operating in your area all which have a been trained with our apprenticeship program that will allow you to get the very best and high-quality trimming in our industry.

Key Benefits of the Service

Trees that aren’t regularly trimmed could risk various types of damage and disease, as well as becoming infected with insects and other decay organisms. Damaged, dead or diseased branches need to be trimmed to avoid these risks!

Crown reduction is an important step for maintaining the beauty and Luster of your trees. The process is fairly simple but extremely important and critical that it’s done by a trained arborist. Once again as we mentioned above in proper cuts can deformed your trees crown leaving your trees to grow in properly.

Crown thinning is probably one of the most popular and standard services that we provide to our customers. This is the process where we select certain limbs and branches by first eliminating the ones that are dead or drying. These should be only external smaller branches from the main vascular system.

Crown lifting is the process in which you remove the lower part of the branches. This process is a common tree trimming practice and gives a great appearance to the overall cosmetic look of your trees. The goal is to remove the overhanging drip line branches that could make your crown have too much mass.